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4x4 Off-Road Training

Four-wheeling brings you FREEDOM!

Ready for Adventure?

Black Rhino Expeditions’s 4×4 Off-Road training program is THE best way to get started in the world of off-roading adventure! We are the only company offering off-road training of this caliber and have made it suitable for ALL makes of 4×4 vehicles – Jeeps, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Fords, Chevrolets, Hummers, Mercedes, etc.

SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN! Your safety, AND your vehicle’s safety. In all our years of training and leading expeditions, we have never even had to apply a Band-Aid.

Never been off-road before? No Worries.

Our off-road training program is designed with the beginner in mind and we work on the assumption that you know little or nothing about off-roading. You will slowly build your confidence level throughout this exciting day at our favorite off-road training course near Gorman, CA, just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. Participants will  learn the theoretical AND practical aspects of off-road driving.

What Will I Learn?

Our knowledgeable 4×4 instructors will teach you all about those buttons, dials and levers that you have been curious about, and how you can get the most out of your vehicle, safely and responsibly!

We know that once you become confident in the handling of your vehicle, you will begin to truly enjoy the off-road 4×4 lifestyle. Our training will teach you how to have minimum impact on the environment and a SAFETY-FIRST attitude about your vehicle, allowing you, your friends and your family the opportunity to experience the fun, family-friendly world of off-roading.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

What To Expect...

The Program Covers The Following:

  • How Four Wheel Drive Works?
  • Understanding High/Low Range
  • Vehicle Awareness

Protecting Tires/Choosing the Best Line

  • Tire pressures and tire safety
  • Wheel placement techniques
  • Correct off-road line choice

On-The-Trail Practice

  • Cross-axle articulation exercises
  • Side Slopes
  • Hill Descent control

Your program starts at 9 am and ends around 4 pm. We’ll provide a light/continental breakfast and lunch after the class room session which will be at the Jaguar Land Rover Dealer in Van Nuys. Participants will be given  worksheets and Jim Allen’s phenomenal book: “The Four-Wheeler’s Bible“.

The 4×4 off-road/driving portion takes place at the Hungry Valley OHV Park. There is a shaded area with picnic benches near the Practice Track, and a toilet.

We’ll review topics taught earlier in the day. Then we’ll practice  our newly learned skills before we head out on a trail run where you’ll get a chance to put into practice the things you’ve learned.


The cost is $395 per person.
Our program is limited to 10 vehicles.
If the class is full, contact us to be put on our Wait List.

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Learn to drive off-road
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