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About Us

Vehicle-Dependent Expeditions

Why Black Rhino Expeditions?

We’ve been leading expeditions for more than 15 years. Our expeditions offer you an unparalleled level of personal attention by world-class expedition leaders, all in a seamless experience that lets you focus on your adventure. We meticulously research every destination to ensure you get the best possible experience from the moment you arrive. 

Personal Attention100%
Meticulous Research100%
World-Class Expedition Leaders100%


Frank Buddenbrock and the Black Rhino Expeditions team share decades of experience leading trips throughout the southwestern United States, and through the years have discovered the best times, vantage points, and hidden sites that only the most dedicated adventurers ever see.

We collaborate with on-the-ground local guides who live and breathe these locations, and who arrange for exclusive access to areas normally off-limits.

Most expeditions include lodging & meals, meaning that all you have to worry about is the adventure. Visit our testimonials page and view our gallery for some of the incredible moments past Black Rhino Expeditions adventurers have captured.

Our Philosophy

Black Rhino Expeditions operates on principles of responsible and ethical travel. We obey all rules and regulations, and we have proper permits, certifications, and insurance to operate our expeditions. We obtain permission from landowners to travel on their private property.

We are respectful of all fences, fields, crops, streams, bridges, roads, wildlife, children, pets, pedestrians, tourists, and other adventurers. We always obey the “leave no trace” principle and follow the Tread Lightly philosophy. Whether it’s a National Park or a remote wilderness, we are the guests, and we will act accordingly.

Meet The Team

Volker “Frank” Buddenbrock

Chief Expedition Leader

Fable Buddenbrock

Events Coordinator

Allan Shareghi

Senior Geologist