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Death Valley Expedition – November 20-22, 2020

COVID AVISORY- While we will spend a significant portion of our time in our vehicles or hiking, there will be times when we will be physically together in larger groups (driver meetings, mini-lectures by Allan, meals, etc.). During these moments, feel free to maintain/follow social distancing protocols and to wear a face covering/mask.

Death Valley is a truly unique landscape with surprises around each corner. This expedition can be safely driven with any 4WD vehicle. We do all we can to ensure no damage will come to your vehicle – but it WILL get dusty!

We will be exploring some areas of the Park that we haven’t visited before. Can you believe there are areas we still haven’t explored? I think you’ll enjoy these new areas. One very special area is Room Canyon. We want to keep this spot a secret, and once you experience it, you’ll know why.

We will be doing some hiking on this trip. If you decide that this is the excuse you’ve needed to get new hiking boots, or walking shoes, get them as soon as possible and break them in RIGHT AWAY. Don’t wait until the last minute and wear new boots/shoes – you’ll regret it.

Our hikes will be in the 2-3 mile round-trip range, similar to a hike to Darwin Falls, for example.

Death Valley has so much to offer that we normally don’t see/visit because it’s not too close to a road. That’s why this trip will be different – there is SO much more. For example, if you’re familiar with the Natural Bridge, believe it or not, there are at least 15 other similar bridges throughout Death Valley. Imagine that!

This trip will be different from most other recent trips in that we’re going to start by exploring the most southern section of Death Valley National Park. This area of the park is seldom visited – we probably won’t see a single soul. It is beautiful. And if we’re lucky, there may even be some water crossings through Amargosa River.

This will be another great trip to remember.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Death Valley Expedition – November 22-24, 2019

This Fall 2019 expedition is going to explore some new territory (at least, new for me).

The list of keywords listed here will give you quick look at the locations I anticipate exploring.
In addition to some fun 4-wheeling, we’ll be doing some hiking/exploring as well, so please bring the appropriate footwear.

It looks like we’ll have 14-18 trucks, as least with the number of people who have expressed an interest in participating.

We look forward to having a fantastic weekend. The weather should be fantastic!

From $150.00