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Black Rhino Expeditions offers activity-based adventures where you command your vehicle through amazing terrain, enjoy incredible geology and dig into the rich history of vanishing ghost towns and mines- gold, silver, talc and more. Whether you’re planning to join us alone, share the experience with your spouse, significant other, your friends, or will bring your whole family, a Black Rhino Expedition will exceed your expectations, and change the way you see the world. In fact, people have told us that their expedition experience changed their life.

Death Valley is huge (the largest U.S. national park outside of Alaska, and approximately the size of the state of Connecticut) and its terrain is awe-inspiring. Despite its ominous-sounding name, Death Valley is home to beautiful geologic diversity, rich cultural history, innumerable ghost towns, and now-defunct mining operations. It is one of the most unique and diversified adventure/expedition destinations in the world. You’ll discover many delightful examples of why so many people are fascinated with the Death Valley territories.

This expedition route is carefully selected to be appropriate for drivers new to back-country exploration, can be driven with any 4WD vehicle, or the intrepid All Wheel Drive adventurer. Take comfort in knowing that we do all we can to ensure no damage will come to your vehicle – but it will get dusty. Weather conditions are susceptible to change and could increase/enhance the challenge of the trip.

Allan Shareghi, a retired Department of the Interior Senior Geologist, will be  sharing his vast knowledge of Death Valley, and educating us on the geology of Death Valley. Thank you, Allan.


Black Rhino Expeditions does not cover any associated costs, which are:

  • Gasoline
  • Food
  • Accommodations
  • Visitor fees ($30 paid at the Death Valley Visitor Center)
  • Vehicle repairs

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Book your rooms at this link:

Furnace Creek Ranch accommodations

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Frank Buddenbrock (Trip leader)
Allan Shareghi (Senior Geologist)
Mike Mast
Richard Lynds
Shah Nickpay
Umberto Bonafonte
John Shumovich
Eric Karamian
John/Janet Short
Stan Tolesnikov
Shahdad Arami
Ben Broukhim

Following is the planned itinerary.

You'll notice that we'll be exploring a number of places we haven't seen before.
Among them are Jail Canyon, Keane Wonder Mine, Monarch Canyon, Telephone Canyon, and Skidoo. I look forward to spending the weekend with you.

FYI- Your Booking Fee is separate/different from the Hotel Accommodations.


Frank's cell- 818-314-6313
Please email me to confirm that you will be coming so that I have an accurate heads/vehicle count.
Email: frank@blackrhinoexpeditions.com

Please include your:
- Name
- Number in your party/truck and their names
- Your cell number
- Emergency Contact Name(s) and Phone Number(s)

Please ensure that your vehicle is ready for three days off-road.
Bring extra spare tires, if that applies to you. (Shah) ;-)
Bring the usual kit- water, FRS radio/Ham Radio, camera, chargers, batteries, extra memory cards, food for on the trail, etc.

Weather Forecast: It will be warm/hot, in the 90s during the day. Accordingly, I've designed this trip to spend the bulk of the warmest part of the day at higher elevations.

For both Friday and Saturday night, I recommend staying at Furnace Creek Ranch. 

(You could camp, or stay in Stovepipe Wells, or Beatty, Nevada as well.)

Book your rooms at this link:

Furnace Creek Ranch accommodations

The Ranch has been re-done and looks fantastic! Rates start at $143 and go up from there. Dinner, and breakfast the following morning, is available there as well in the new restaurant.


IMPORTANT: Black Rhino Expeditions does NOT cover any associated costs, including, but not limited to:

  • Gasoline
  • Food
  • Souvenirs
  • Accommodations
  • Visitor fees ($20 paid at the Death Valley Visitor Center)
  • Vehicle repairs


Day 1

Date : May 17, 2019

Time : 9:00 AM

Fossil Falls To Jail Canyon


Meet at the Gas Station (Shell Station) in Pearsonville (off the 395) at 9 am.
Address: 102 Pearson Rd, Inyokern, CA 93527

Leave at 9:30 am.

We plan to visit:

Fossil Falls
Possibly Red Cinder Cone
U2 Shrine
China Garden Spring (lunch stop)
Panamint Springs (refuel stop)
Jail Canyon

We'll spend the night (and Saturday night) at Furnace Creek Ranch.

We'll have dinner at Furnace Creek.
And take a dip in their fantastic pool.
Furnace Creek reservations
Ask for Phyllis Nefsky- tell her you're with my group.

(760) 786-2365

Day 2

Date : May 18, 2019

Time : 9:00 AM

Keane Wonder Mine back to Furnace Creek Ranch


Meet at Furnace Creek at 9 am.

Leave at 9:15 am.

We plan to visit:

Keane Wonder Mine
Monarch Canyon
Chloride City
Either Titus Canyon, or Echo Canyon
Lunch on the trail

We'll circle back and spend the night at Furnace Creek Ranch.

We'll have dinner at Furnace Creek.

Day 3

Date : May 19, 2019

Time : 9:00 AM

Telephone Canyon To Wildrose Charcoal Kilns


Meet in front of Furnace Creek Ranch at 9 am.

Leave at 9:15 am.

We plan to visit:

Telephone Canyon
Lunch on the trail
Possibly Aguereberry Point
Wildrose Charcoal Kilns
Trona Pinnacles (time permitting) ;-)

Head for Home