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Black Rhino Expeditions offers activity-based adventures where you command your vehicle through amazing terrain, enjoy incredible geology and dig into the rich history of vanishing ghost towns. Whether you’re planning to join us alone, share the experience with your spouse, significant other, your friends, or will bring your whole family, a Black Rhino Expedition will exceed your expectations, and change the way you see the world. In fact, people have told us that their expedition experience changed their life.

Death Valley is huge (the largest U.S. national park outside of Alaska, and approximately the size of the state of Connecticut) and its terrain is often awe-inspiring. Despite its ominous-sounding name, Death Valley is home to beautiful geologic diversity, rich cultural history, innumerable ghost towns, and now-defunct mining operations. It is one of the most unique and diversified adventure/expedition destinations in the world. You’ll discover many delightful examples of why so many people are fascinated with the Death Valley territories.

This expedition route is carefully selected to be appropriate for drivers new to backcountry exploration, and can be driven with any 4WD vehicle. Take comfort in knowing that we do all we can to ensure no damage will come to your vehicle- but it will get dusty. Weather conditions are susceptible to change and could increase the challenge of the trip.

Here is the planned itinerary.

Frank's cell- 818-314-6313
Please email me to confirm that you will be coming so that I have an accurate heads/vehicle count, especially for our Thanksgiving dinner at Gold Point.
Email: frankbuddenbrock@earthlink.net

Please include your:
-Number in your party/truck and their names
-Your cell number
-Emergency Contact Name(s) and Phone Number(s)

Please ensure that your vehicle is ready for three days off-road.
Bring extra spare tires, if that applies to you. (Shah) ;-)
Bring the usual kit- water, FRS radio/Ham Radio, camera, food for on the trail, etc.

Weather Forecast: It will be beautiful, in the 70s during the day, in the 30s at night.

On Friday night, we'll be staying at Panamint Springs.
You can call there (775) 482-7680 to get your accommodations for a campsite, a cabin-style room, or a motel room. Rates range from $74 to $184 for rooms; tent sites start at $10.00. Dinner and breakfast the following morning is available there as well.

On Saturday night, we'll be staying at Gold Point. I've talked to Walt there and have reserved rooms for our group. Call him at 775-482-4635 to book your room. Rates for rooms range from $120 to $190. I've asked Walt to make a Thanksgiving dinner for our group. Dinner will be $20 per person. Breakfast will be $12. Remember- CASH ONLY at Gold Point!

Some of us often bring and donate some alcoholic beverages to the Saloon at Gold Point. It is at your discretion.


Day 1 - Friday

Date : November 16, 2018

Time : 9:00 AM

Maturango to Panamint Springs


Meet at Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest at 9 am.
Address: 100 E. Las Flores Ave., Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Leave at 9:30 am.

We plan to visit:

Pleasant Canyon
Lunch on the trail
We'll spend the night at Panamint Springs.

We'll have dinner at Panamint Springs.
- Panamint Springs reservations

(775) 482-7680


Day 2 - Saturday

Date : November 17, 2018

Time : 9:00 AM

Panamint Springs to Gold Point

We'll have breakfast at Panamint Springs, break camp and leave at 9 am.

Please fuel up at Panamint Springs as there are no fuel opportunities until we get to Beatty on Sunday morning. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring extra fuel.

We'll leave Panamint Springs and head west on Hwy 190 to Saline Valley Road.

Next, northward we'll go, up and over Hunter Mountain, and down into Hidden Valley. We'll make a short stop at Lost Burro Mine before exploring White Top Mountain, due east of Los Burro Mine.

We'll come back down from White Top Mountain and next visit Teakettle Junction. (DON'T FORGET TO BRING A TEAKETTLE.)

Depending on our timing, we may head over to The Racetrack. From there, we'll head north to Ubehebe Crater.

Next, we'll continue north to Oriental Wash which we'll take east to Gold Point for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and our night halt.

Please contact Walt for accommodations.
(775) 482-4635

Breakfast will also be at Gold Point.


Day 3 - Sunday

Date : November 18, 2018

Time : 9:00 AM

Gold Point To Furnace Creek

After breakfast at Gold Point, we'll break camp and head south with our next scheduled stop at Beatty.
There we'll get gas and then head south on Highway 95 before turning west.

We'll head to Echo Canyon and do it from the east this time (we usually do it from the west).

Once through Echo Canyon, time permitting, we may head up to Inyo Mine for some exploring before continuing down Echo Canyon with our next stop at Furnace Creek.

Furnace Creek will be our official end to the expedition.
Depending on time, we may stop for a quick cocktail on the patio at Furnace Creek Inn (now called The Inn at Death Valley). From here, we'll head back home.

It should be a great trip. The weather will be fantastic, and I always enjoy your comraderie.


This trip will include guiding throughout the backroads of Death Valley where you will be provided with the safety of knowing how to drive the roads and provided historical information about the surrounding area.